Welcome to Green Mountain Marinades
Welcome to Green Mountain Marinades
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Jerky Directions


Almost any good, lean cut will make good jerky. Deer, Moose, Elk, Antelope, Caribou, Bear, Goose and of course Beef! Remember to slice your meat thin, 1/4 inch or less. Place sliced meat in non-reactive container, food grade plastic, ziplock or glass and pour WELL SHAKEN marinade over meat and mix well. One 16 oz bottle will do 4 to 5 lbs. of meat. To obtain the best results, marinate meat, refrigerated, for at least 8 hours, the longer the more flavor. Being sure to mix occasionally and separate pieces that clump together. Pour meat into strainer and allow to drain. DO NOT REUSE MARINADE - DISCARD ALL USED MARINADE! Whether you are using a dehydrator, kitchen oven, or smokehouse to dry be sure to place the meat slices so they are not folded over or overlapping, and follow the instructions for your preferred method. Meat must reach an internal temperature of 165°F. Drying times are variable depending upon method, weather, slice thickness, and how much liquid was drained off through strainer. Start checking your jerky after about 2 hours. To check doneness pull a piece apart with the grain. The fiber should look whitish or a little grayish. Also, the piece should not bend too easily (underdone) or break (overdone). SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Good Luck and Enjoy some jerky.

Grillin' Juice Directions

Place meat and or vegetables in a resealable bag or other non-reactive container and pour well shaken "Grillin' Juice" over meat/veggies.  Remove as much air as possible if using a resealable bag.  Mix up real good. Refrigerate and allow to marinate for at least a couple of hours or overnight.  Veggies need less time than meat or poultry.  Remember, longer is better and don't forget to turn occasionally.  Drain well before grilling and get ready for some tasty goods.  DO NOT REUSE MARINADE  If you have any left in bottle refrigerate for up to a week after opening.


The oil will seperate while sitting and the juice only needs to be VERY WELL SHAKEN

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