Welcome to Green Mountain Marinades
Welcome to Green Mountain Marinades
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All About Green Mountain Marinades

At Green Mountain Marinades, our expertise is based on quality, experience and a lot of trial and error. We have many satisfied taste testers but it never gets to you until it meets Marinader Dave's discerning tastes. He is constantly tweaking his recipes until they reach taste bud perfection.

Marinader Dave working with an apprentice preparing to test a batch of Jerky
Juice on some beef.  Consistency, is the answer Dave gives when asked why he
does so many “test” batches, but those of us who get to reap the benefits of
excess jerky have learned not to ask, just take the jerky and run.  It is always
that good.


A Life Lesson

Give a kid some jerky and they will keep coming back for more.

Teach the kid to make jerky and you won't have to share your's!!

~Marinader Dave

Green Mountain Marinades

191 Dick Browm Rd

Bridgewater, NH 03222






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